Professor Lee Catling

Disciplines: BJJ, Judo, Boxing 
BJJ Black Belt, Judo Black Belt

Lee started training at the age of 8 in the art of Tang Soo Do under Master Loke. After training for 4 years, Lee started training with Wing Chun Kung Fu and became an instructor for the UKWCKFA (UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association).

In 1992 Lee moved onto Judo gaining his black belt from Ron Meader in 2000. His interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came after attending a seminar run by Braulio Estima. Lee is now a 1st degree black belt and head instructor of Gracie Barra BJJ Southend Essex. Lee has also won two boxing titles Essex novice and the ABA title.

Professor Jez Lord

Disciplines: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA.

BJJ BlackBelt (November 2017, Braulio Estima), Professor at Gracie Barra Southend & Chelmsford.

Muay Thai Head Instructor/Coach at Semtex Gym Essex and Gracie Barra Chellmsford(28 years experience in Muay Thai).

England Boxing Assistant Coach Level 1 (2017) at Leigh on Sea Boxing Club.


Coach Arnold Allen

Disciplines: BJJ and MMA
Rank: BJJ Brown Belt

Allen began training in boxing and mixed martial arts as a young teenager. Arnold had an impressive Amateur Boxing career before turning his hand to MMA at aged 15 going unbeaten in Amateur MMA defeating many adults cementing him as one of the UK’s promising ???

Coach Sean Carter

Discipline: BJJ and MMA
Rank: BJJ Brown Belt

Sean is a a Cage Warriors lightweight World Title contender and BJJ Brown Belt. Having fought some of the best all over the world Sean, been a contestant on the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter TV show and has contested for the Cage Warriors World Title. Sean has vast competitive experience in Mixed Martial Arts and is a greatly respected coach guiding many of the young up and comers at the gym through their training and into competition.

An excellent  BJJ practitioner and Brown belt (under Lee Catling) Sean is highly technical and is excellent at breaking down the details to help students master their technique. Sean runs the lunchtime BJJ sessions at Gracie Barra Chelmsford on a Wednesday and a Friday.

Coach Jack Mason

Disciplines: BJJ and MMA
Rank: BJJ Purple Belt/ Kick-boxing Black Belt

Jack is a qualified level 2 MMA instructor under the world recognised Shooters MMA Organisation, a Kick-Boxing Black belt and a BJJ Purple belt under Lee Catling and has a wealth of experience in competition and coaching having trained and cornered fighters all over the world and in many UFC events. Jack coaches the MMA classes every week at Gracie Barra Chelmsford which is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced.

Coach Rob Simpson

Disciplines: BJJ and Judo
Rank: BJJ Purple Belt, Judo Black Belt

Rob started Judo at the age of 7 and has been involved in martial arts for over 30 years. Rob is a UKCC Level 1 Judo coach and has competed for over two decades in Judo having won nationals in the BJC as well as Golds in the BJA in tournaments such as the London Open.

During 9 years in BJJ he has competed multiple times. Notable medals include Silver and 2 bronzes in the IBJJF Europeans, bronze in the British Open, silver at the world masters and gold at the English Open at blue. At purple he has won silver at the IBJJF Nationals.

Coach Jolie Boyle

Disciplines: BJJ and Kickboxing
Rank: BJJ Brown Belt, Kickboxing Black Belt

Jolie started her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey in May 2011 at a women’s open mat training. Coming from a background of kickboxing, fighting on the ground was a whole new level of learning. Jolie has the pleasure of owning some gold medals from championships around the world such as the: British Open, No Gi European, Rome, World Masters and in April 2016 she won the NAGA belt at Crystal Palace in London.

Her fitness, well-being and health have never been better since training jiu jitsu. Jolie still attends women’s open mat training sessions around the UK as often as she can, as it’s important to encourage the new generation of women Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners and inspire them, just as Jolie was inspired when she started her journey.

Coach Nick Albert

Discipline: MMA & Wrestling
Rank: N/A

Nick Albert is an American Wrestler who has over 20 years of wrestling experience and has trained with some of the best wrestlers and MMA fighters in the world at Team Quest in the U.S. such as Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Mohamed Lawal and Heath Sims to name a few.

Nick has been a wrestling and MMA coach at BKK Fighters now for over 5 years and has helped to improve and develop the ability of the team dramatically during that period. Nick is an excellent coach, a superb motivator and has a fantastic way of breaking the technical details of wrestling down so that they are easily understood.

Coach Ayat Karami

Discipline: Wrestling
Rank: N/A

Ayat Karami has been the wrestling coach at BKK Fighters since 2016 and has over 30 years’ experience training with some of the greatest wrestlers in the world in Iran with the national team.

Ayat travels home to Iran for wrestling camps on a regular basis to sharpen his skills and bring them back to the team at BKK Fighters and his addition to the team has seen the wrestling ability of all at the gym increase exponentially.

Benefits of training at Gracie Barra

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  • Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour
  • Get into the best shape of your life
  • Learn the art of self-defence
  • Develop your self confidence

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